Artist Statement

My work is process driven, I create intricate sculptural paper objects, creatures and compositions. Each one sparks the viewers imagination. I have often been told that people are awestruck or filled with wonder when they first discover a piece, it is as though the object or creature is animated and alive. Following that, the viewer looks closer and realizes that the work is a meticulously hand-cut paper sculpture. I consider the work to be most successful when the labour of craft is only discovered after the viewer identifies with the object.

We all get caught up in the rushing, the tasks, the deadlines, the daily grind – when something stops us in our tracks it can give us the time and space to reflect. I work to distill these experiences from my own life in paper form and offer them as a meditative moments for others.  It is often a compulsion or impulse that dictates what I make but the objects and creatures that I am most drawn to in my work have qualities that I wish to incorporate or embrace about myself. 

Tara Galuska in bullet points

  • Paper artist and illustrator
  • Born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Australia and now lives in Canada
  • Currently lives in New Westminster, British Columbia Canada
  • Studied Design and Illustration at Enmore Design Centre

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