Artist Tara Galuska

When Tara Galuska was five she wanted to be either an artist or a unicorn when she grew up. Now that she is an adult she is an artist who uses paper to create intricate miniature paper plant artworks that explore interior spaces and the lives lived within them. Born in Zimbabwe in 1984, Tara spent her early childhood in Zambia, grew up in Australia and has lived in Canada since 2011. Tara attended the Design Centre Enmore where she studied illustration and design until graduation in 2009.

What kind of woman names her plants? The sort whose apartment in New Westminster, Canada is slowly being filled with them —including Bort, Judith and Maeby. Tara’s house plant collecting habit started when she moved from Australia to Canada and she wanted to feel grounded in her home after being transplanted in a new country. In her work Tara is not so much interested in the lives of plants themselves but rather exploring the lives of people with plants. 

Tara loves being an artist but would still like to be a unicorn when she grows up!