Hello Wonderful! An interview with the wonderful Rachel Dian!


Hello Wonderful!

Today is Rachel Dian Day on the Hello Wonderful blog! Yayyy! Rachel and her bestie Lisa Rose are the duo behind super fun and cute jewellery line Fox and Fancy. They are both craft fair pals of mine who have become real life pals. Rachel has the cutest black cat who is like a mini version of my black cat! She also has a super amazing gallery wall in her home that I am most jealous of. Enjoy getting to know Rachel below! 

Who are you, what do you do and where in the world are you?

I'm Rachel Dian, a Vancouver based freelance designer, crafter, illustrator and cat cuddling enthusiast.  I co-founded a jewellery line called Fox & Fancy with my best pal, and I'm in the process of developing a new stationery line slash wedding design entrepreneurial endeavor.   

What do you believe in?

I spend the majority of my workdays (and nights!) sitting at a computer.  The most valuable lesson I've learned is to turn it off occasionally, and make something by hand.  Whether it's a birthday card or a bow-tie for my unimpressed cat, I never regret taking the time out to make something for fun.  I think this is a valuable lesson for anyone - bonus points if you don't put it on the internet immediately afterwards! Sometimes making something for the sake of making it is reward enough.

When do you feel your most wonderful?

I feel wonderful whenever I feel like I've learned something new. There's always a fleeting satisfaction whenever I finish a project or create something nifty, but nothing beats honing a new skill.  

Alternate answers: while watching anything with a musical and/or dance number, or after a few cocktails.

What is something wonderful that has happened that would have never have happened if you hadn't made a mistake or a wrong turn somewhere?

Like many creative people, I decided to take the safer, more traditional post-secondary education route after high school.  I waffled around for a LONG time before I realized that the thing I'd always loved doing was what I should probably try to turn into my career.  (It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out.)  Even though I wasted a lot of time doing things that I didn't love and trying to figure out why I wasn't happy, I can't regret any of it because I met so many wonderful people along the way. 


What is the earliest time in your life that you can remember experiencing wonder? When was the most recent time?

I can't think of an answer to this question that isn't too saccharine to put on the internet.  More recently, however, last week I managed to get my inbox count down to zero - that was pretty wonderful. 


Who are three wonderful people you think we need to know about. Why are they wonderful?

My aforementioned crafting partner Lisa Rose, who works with me over at Fox & Fancy.  In addition to being an extremely delightful person, she is endlessly talented, supportive, creative, and unfairly skilled at wielding scissors.  (She can cut the tiniest things out of other tiny things - it's truly a superpower.)

My very good pal Alex Perala, a multi-talented creative genius.  He writes, makes music, develops web apps and websites, and is an all-round amazing, hilarious person.   

VOKRA! This isn't a person, but an organization (sorry for cheating!).  I suspect most people already know about the Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue, but perhaps they don't know about their amazing instagram, which is a daily exercise in self-restraint and will-power to not adopt every single kitten. 

Thank you so much Rachel! You can find Rachel and her work online at her websiteInstagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Society6.

Have a wonderful day!