Meanie Cats and Super Cool Unicorns



When she was tiny my little sister Christie would scrunch up her face, ball up her fists and sing -

"Meanie cat, meanie cat

Sitting on a door mat"

- to anyone she felt was being rude, offensive, unkind or mean. It was basically the ultimate insult to be called a meanie cat and really put you in your place! 

Nowadays when I think of my struggles with meanie cats I am thinking of the meanie cats in my head, the meanie cats in my past or the meanie cats I may cross paths with in the future! 

Meanie cats in my head

Who is the biggest jerk in the world to me? It's me! I am very self critical and it's something that I struggle with fairly regularly. So you better believe my head can get filled with meanie cat voices telling me all sorts of horrible things if I am not careful!

I used to believe that negative self talk was a great motivator. The thing with bad coping skills though, is that eventually they stop working! Luckily I was able to learn that beating myself up wasn't a way to achieve what I wanted, instead, it was part of a toxic pattern and I didn't need to do it anymore! Honestly this awareness helped a lot in lessening its grip. Staying aware that this can be an issue for me and keeping up my self care helps a lot.

Meanie cats in my past

I think we all have meanie cats in our past whose stinging and unkind words still come back to us. Whether they were teachers, peers, relatives, complete randoms or whoever these things can still hurt and if we don't take care they can stop us in the now. 

I still have a voice in my head telling me "you can't draw." Unfortunately this got planted in my head a few years ago by a nasty person and it can still get to me sometimes. The thing is, I so can draw! I do it all the time in my professional life and I even studied illustration for Pete's sake. Does that stop that stupid jerks voice drifting back to me sometimes? Unfortunately no. Does that jerk stop me from drawing and doing what I want? N-O!

Meanie cats I may cross paths with in the future

Something that can really stop me from taking a leap into the unknown? The what-ifs! What-ifs like potential rejection and criticism. These often take the form of imagining the nasty things meanie cats might say or do to me if I try! The problem with letting these what-if meanie cats control me? They don't even exist! It is not real life and I am just scaring myself unnecessarily.

 The next time a meanie cat tries to tell you that you suck. You need to remember...

The next time a meanie cat tries to tell you that you suck. You need to remember...

 That you are a super cool unicorn!

That you are a super cool unicorn!

So what do I do when faced with meanie cats, whether real or imagined?

I remember that I am a super cool unicorn! Yup. I picture my awesome unicorn self surrounded by a protective rainbow bubble bouncing off any of those bad vibes that meanie cats try to shoot me down with!  

I also make sure to surround myself with other awesome unicorns! I don't have time for hanging around meanie cats when I've got my unicorn crew! We are there for each other when the meanie cats or anything else get us down and we lift each other up and inspire each other. 

In summary unicorns = yes! Meanie cats =no! By remembering that I am an awesome unicorn who can face anything that comes along I am able to do what I need to without any meanie cats raining on my parade! So, if any meanie cats are getting you down I recommend you remember that you too have special unicorn powers and you're awesome! 

xo Tara